Metastatic from the start

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Metastatic from the start

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Brenda’s first experience of breast cancer was when she was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. While she found helpful information in BCNA’s Hope & Hurdles pack, she...

My breast cancer was diagnosed when I was breastfeeding

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  At age 40, I heard those frightening words you have breast cancer. I had just sat down to breastfeed my 8-month-old baby girl. At first, I didn’t cry, I thought how do I...

Opening up about a closed subject

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I am BCNA’s first Aboriginal Community Liaison. My people are very shy and won’t talk about breast or ovarian cancer or anything like that. We call the parts of our...

An experience decades apart

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I live in the country and was diagnosed with breast cancer 28 years ago at the age of 43. I had three dependent children and my surgery was in Sydney, a long way from home. I had...