Breast cancer doesn’t discriminate on age, fitness, health or history

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I have a family history, but a diagnosis at 48 was not what I planned

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After juggling work and four children for a number of years, Susan was looking forward to returning to work full time (in her dream job!) and had just booked a trip to Tuscany....

Breast cancer doesn’t care what colour your skin is

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After watching her mother go through breast cancer treatment, Kathleen made sure she had regular mammograms as soon as she turned 40. It was not long after her 44th birthday that...

My breast cancer was diagnosed when I was breastfeeding

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  At age 40, I heard those frightening words you have breast cancer. I had just sat down to breastfeed my 8-month-old baby girl. At first, I didn’t cry, I thought how do I...

Seeing straight again post-cancer

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“You have triple positive breast cancer.” I heard these words at 35 with my 10-month-old autistic baby in my arms. I couldn’t turn to my own mother because...

Working towards recovery

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Just 18 months ago, my world was turned upside down. As a full-time secondary school teacher, wife and mother of three teenagers, I always prided myself on being busy – who...

Light at the end of the tunnel

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I found a breast lump in February 2011. As a single parent with 100 per cent care of three children aged seven, nine and 11, the hardest part was explaining my positive diagnosis...