My breast cancer was diagnosed when I was breastfeeding

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My breast cancer was diagnosed when I was breastfeeding

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  At age 40, I heard those frightening words you have breast cancer. I had just sat down to breastfeed my 8-month-old baby girl. At first, I didn’t cry, I thought how do I...

Working towards recovery

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Just 18 months ago, my world was turned upside down. As a full-time secondary school teacher, wife and mother of three teenagers, I always prided myself on being busy – who...

Light at the end of the tunnel

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I found a breast lump in February 2011. As a single parent with 100 per cent care of three children aged seven, nine and 11, the hardest part was explaining my positive diagnosis...

Coping in different ways

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My family all coped differently when I was diagnosed in 2002, aged 46. My 17-year-old son preferred not to talk about it and asked that I wear my wig whenever his friends came...

The people around me

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When I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the end of April 2014, my youngest darling daughter was only a few months old. My eldest child was nearly 8, and my middle child had...

The land of health and wellness

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Don’t you hate it when people are right? I was busy working three jobs, with a family of three, rarely saying “no” to anything asked of me, and loving it! People...