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I have a family history, but a diagnosis at 48 was not what I planned

Susan - "I had a family histroy of breast cancer, so I knew I was at risk, but I didn't think I'd be diagnosed at 48"

After juggling work and four children for a number of years, Susan was looking forward to returning to work full time (in her dream job!) and had just booked a trip to Tuscany. With a family history of breast cancer, Susan knew she was at risk of being diagnosed but she didn’t think it would happen until later in life – she wasn’t expecting the news at 48. Even though she had supported her mother and father through their own cancer treatments, the toll that chemotherapy took on her body came as a shock to her. After treatment finished it took her a long time to find her strength again but the community she found through BCNA introduced her to a world of new friends, who became a really important support network. Susan is sharing her story to remind people that breast cancer doesn’t discriminate and that everyone’s story is unique #notjust1in8

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