Metastatic from the start

Breast cancer in rural and remote

Metastatic from the start

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Brenda’s first experience of breast cancer was when she was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. While she found helpful information in BCNA’s Hope & Hurdles pack, she...

Finding a sense of belonging

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My husband and I came to Australia six years ago, so when I was diagnosed with breast cancer last year one of the first things I thought was, ‘All our family and long-term...

The balancing act

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As I approached five years clear of my initial breast cancer diagnosis, I never thought I would hear those words again. After some back pain, I headed to my GP. She sent me for a...

An experience decades apart

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I live in the country and was diagnosed with breast cancer 28 years ago at the age of 43. I had three dependent children and my surgery was in Sydney, a long way from home. I had...

Living life to the fullest

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I never thought I would dance as a single-breasted belly dancer at a community festival, sing as part of a choir at my local arts centre and meet and sing African songs with the...